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No alpine ski has ever been so wide or highly performing in the descent, while retaining such lightness on the ascent.

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  • Discipline
    • All-Rounder
  • Level
    • Advanced
  • Status
    • New
  • Warranty
    • 1 year
  • Type
    • Mens
  • Year
    • 2017
  • Recommended size
    • 5 to 15 cm less
  • Camber / Rocker


Included in the flagship range of the Movement brand, the X-Series range – which largely dominates the alpine skiing milieu – the BIG FISH X-SERIES is a top-of-the-range touring ski , reserved for experts of the sport. Incorporating the best current technology, this ski delivers incredible performance — on the ascent as well as in the descent .

This model does not escape the tendency to become larger which characterises the Speed Touring sector. With 77 mm in the waist for only 950 gr (at 168 cm), this ski benefits from a construction designed in close cooperation with NORTH company, with whom they enjoy an exclusive technological partnership. The X-Series technology incorporates North TPT fibres with a fibreglass/carbon composite in association with ultralight wood cores that have been meticulously selected. That is why it is so lightweight and performing.

To improve the lift-off in deep snow, a slight rocker, "Light rocker 6", is added in the tip. This ski is a true pioneer in a new generation of wider skis in alpine skiing.


- Construction X series technology: All the know-how available to MOVEMENT is contained in this construction. The very best materials are used, but the construction itself remains a well-guarded secret.

- Core: ultralight Karuba

- Fibres: TPT full carbon & unidirectional & triaxial

- Race edges:

- Profile: Light Rocker 6

- P-Tex 5000 base: a high quality sintered base with high molecular density

- VA-Tech: a new natural rubber plate with fibreglass, located in the tip of the ski to absorb vibrations

. - DPR Ti: a new double-plate system, with one plate in fibreglass and the other in titanal (DPR Titanal), completely integrated under the bindings to ensure that the screws are perfectly anchored.

. - North TPT technology: this complex of "multidirectional" fibres continues to feature in our X-series ranges where the weight-factor is of paramount importance. The formula continues to develop from year to year and confirms its leading position within the arena of fast touring and classic alpine skiing.

. - BSA: A band of hard wood (beech) placed in the centre of the ski, underneath the wood core, to serve as a shock absorber.

Tip (mm) Waist (mm) Tail (mm) Radius (m) Weight (g) Unit weight



Created in 1999, the brand first hit the shops in 2002 after three years of research and development. It was quickly adopted by the market and now offers a full line of skis for all disciplines of modern skiing. Since its inception, Movement has sought to stand out by working on specific product lines for passionate connoisseurs. The brand has opted for building high quality wood cores, selected and calibrated to ensure vitality and perfect line on every type of snow. In six short years, Movement Skis has established itself as a unbeatable brand, able to deliver outstanding performance.