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K2 PRESS 2017

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  • Discipline
    • Freestyle
  • Level
    • Intermediate-Good
  • Status
    • New
  • Warranty
    • 1 year
  • Type
    • Mens
  • Year
    • 2017
  • Recommended size
    • 0 to 15 cm less
  • Camber / Rocker

K2 PRESS 2017

From the freestyle range by American brand, K2, the PRESS is a light twin tip léger for learning and progressing in the park.

Ce ski est solide et durable grâce une construction Cap et la fibre triaxiale qui augmente la rigidité en torsion pour plus de contrôle.

The symmetrical flex andjib rocker are designed for tips and tails that are more playful and amusing.

A quality ski at an unbeatable price, for the park and beyond.


- Jib Rocker: a flat camber and a light rocker at the front and the back, which improves the power of the pop as well as your ollies

- Park Flex: symmetrical flex for all your presses, ollies and butters.

- Swap Base: Two different coloured bases to make you stand out from your friends.

- Triaxial fibre: patented K2 technology. Triaxial braiding involves sending a wood core, prepared in the triaxial braiding machine where the fibreglass bands are wound around the core, to increase torsional rigidity and boost control.

- Cap Construction: a moulding process which envelops the core and the materials inside the top layer of the ski. This construction is generally used to construct lighter and more forgiving skis.

- Tip / Tail Hardware

Tip (mm) Waist (mm) Tail (mm) Radius (m) Weight (g)
  • Discipline
    • Freeride
  • Level
    • Advanced
  • Status
    • New
  • Warranty
    • 1 year
  • Type
    • Mens
  • Year
    • 2016
  • Type of binding
    • Free
  • Settings
    • 28mm, with tools
    • 5--->13 (skier from 50 to 130kg)


"The new benchmark for freeski bindings", its manufacturer proudly announces.
In the STH2 WTR 13, Atomic combines its legendary DRIVER toe with the heel of the Guardian to offer a binding that can retransmit the slightest movement to wide skis while being more accessible than the STH2 WTR 16 model reserved for pro skiers.

A low profile, long fins, a broad platform and Heel Flex interface allow control of the widest skis and provide outstanding transmission and downhill performance.
The STH2 WTR is compatible with Salomon outsoles (WTR technology).

Note: if the binding is purchased alone it comes without brakes. Ski brakes C90, C100, C115 and C130 are available separately.


- DIN value: 5-13
- Standards: Certified ISO 5355 Alpine and WTR
- Sole compatible with the WTR system (Walk-to-Ride)
.- Height: 24mm
- XL Stomp Pedal (65mm) wide fixed pedal ensures optimum power transmission from skier to ski
.- XL Wings: better engagement of the boot: increased confidence with easier fit in powder. Better lateral power transmission.
- Oversized Platform: an extra-large platform (71mm) ensures maximum lateral power transmission
.- 3D Driver Toe: Patented toe concept ensuring multidirectional release options
.- Elastic Travel: unparalleled elasticity maintains the binding in place, keeping you in when you want, letting you out when you need, and ensuring a smooth ride
.- Heel Flex Interface: guarantees a natural flex of the ski
- Low Profile Chassis: low profile for a better feel of the terrain and enhanced power transmission.
.- Progressive Transfer Pads: consistent feel with enhanced cushioning and increased tolerance in a secure binding

- bindings delivered without ski brake. Ski brakes C90, C100, C115 and C130 are available separately.



K2 was founded in 1961 by brothers Bill and Don Kirschner on Vashon Island, near Seattle, USA.
K2 is known for their pioneering fiberglass ski technology, which made their skis significantly lighter and more responsive than their contemporaries who were using metal and wood.
The #1 manufacturer in the United States, this unique American brand is known for its innovative products that offer a range of wide and new-school skis usually with rocker tips.
The K2Sport group includes K2Skis, K2Snowboard and Line, Full-Tilt, Ride, Morrow and Madshus. It is part of Jarden group which includes brands such as Völkl, Marker, and also very different fields with Camping Gaz, Mapa and Spontex.