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The new TLT 5, giving effect to the TLT concept (Tower Lite Tech), is a very efficient ski touring boot thanks to its great lightness and agility. Remastered in several versions (Performance, Mountain, Mountain Women), the new female model TLT 5 is the...

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  • Discipline
    • All-Rounder
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    • Advanced
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    • New
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    • 1 year
  • Type
    • Womens
  • Year
    • 2013
  • Boot buckles
    • Micrometric


The new TLT 5, giving effect to the TLT concept (Tower Lite Tech), is a very efficient ski touring boot thanks to its great lightness and agility. Remastered in several versions (Performance, Mountain, Mountain Women), the new female model TLT 5 is the essential choice for the
female amateurs of long exits and big drops. Composed by several technical innovations (cf Technology), the shortest sole and the compatibility with crampons make these shoes indispensable for the difficult and interspersed races with passages in rock and ice. The additional Downhill Booster tongue perfectly complements the whole and offers an effective grip in demanding and technical descents. The Ultra-Lock system, extracted from the competition, allows mobility and movement of the cuff particularly wide; the change to ski mode is done in a trice. Developed for an expanded target group, the female version of the TLT 5 Mountain is equipped with a cuff in Grilamid for lightness and performance, a new spoiler alert to adjust the angle of tilt and a liner specially designed for women, without forgetting a more attractive feminine design.


- Shell: Grilamid®
The model TLT 5 has the shortest and mobile lower shell available on the market (298 mm only in size 27.5 ). This feature provides a great agility and improves the comfort while walking. The shell is manufactured in Grilamid®, the lightest and most rigid polymer existing in this field.

- Cuff/spoiler: Grilamid®
The rear spoiler (patented) slides into the carbon fibre cuff and allows a wider and more comfortable movement of the cuff As soon as the Ultra-Lock system is closed, it locks the spoiler and the cuff to form a bloc which ensures a firm hold for the descent.
The spoiler also prevents the friction between the cuff and the liner and allows to maintain the heel always well in place, which increases the comfort and prevents the formation of bulbs.

- Buckles: Ultra-Lock system
This system of revolutionary closure (patented) in magnesium allows to simultaneously operate the opening/closing of the buckle of the cuff and the passage from ski mode to walk mode.

- Forward Lean: 15°- 18° + walking function

- Movement of the cuff: 60°

- Sole: Claw

- Acti-flex zone: the Flex (patented) area presents a flexibility of 5 mm in the toe area for a maximum of mobility when walking and climbing. This gradual flexibility towards the front also improves the transmission of energy to the ski, uphill and downhill.
A reinforcement in carbon fibre allows to avoid a negative impact of the Flex zone on the performance downhill or during the binding operation.

- Quick step-in inserts: the inserts Quick-Stepin, original and patented, provide an easier wedging of 70% in comparison to the conventional bindings, an undeniable advantage for competitors in the areas of change.

- System of double tongue with downhill-booster: The innovative system of double tongue (patented) provides a very high mobility in the climb as well as excellent stability downhill, as soon as the part of the tongue "Downhill Booster" is inserted in the shell. The insertion or removal of the Booster tongue is done in a second, which does not impede performance. The boot also works perfectly well without the additional tab, uphill and downhill.

- Buckle closing: This new teeth closing (patented) has been designed to work perfectly with the Ultra-Lock system . Manufactured in magnesium, it moves and is set to adapt to the different volumes of lower leg.

- Bindings: Dynafit Quick-Step -in / ski touring bindings standards

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Established in 1950, this Austrian brand is made for athletes. It is aimed at ski touring enthusiasts who are knowledgeable and ambitious. Using Dynafit, athletes can increase the performance of each part of their body. All base materials and fabrics are selected, tested and implemented with the greatest attention to detail. This development process has resulted in continuous innovations in the ski touring market. The latest innovations include the lightest titanium bindings, carbon boots and the lightest ski core on the market. Dynafit is a highly technical brand, always searching for performance which will specifically meet the needs of their customers with the goal of developing reliable equipment providing energy savings.